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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The yard is on fire

Unsurprisingly, the yard was full of straw and dry debris and searing heat . Now nobody knows how to turn it off because there is very little water in the house , just a few buckets that are committed to the garden to save some of the very poor harvest. The surrounding neighbors have wells , but never gave them permission to extract from them a single drop of water. And not because they are bad people or unsupportive , no, but because their crops , and therefore their survival also depend on what is in those wells. The drought in the region for five years , and cruelly dented the welfare of families in this area , more and more poor , on the outskirts of the big city .

How is it possible that Cypriot owners of this farm have allowed such an accumulation of dry straw and debris in his yard ? Did not they know that an accumulation of that size was reckless ? It was only a matter of time that caught fire and endanger the other neighboring farms . The flames can reach a wingspan that with the strong wind and the dryness of the atmosphere , can easily spread throughout the periphery , threatening even some neighborhood of the capital. The Cypriot farmer has thought of all possible options , and has called for a Russian acquaintance who has a big pot of water. But this is not what is making it easy and want to take advantage of their desperate situation : He has hinted that a change of water trucks take it to establish a nightclub , a brothel , at home , by the corral , and that the young farmer's daughter serves drinks at the bar . The farmer is distraught face , but for now are still arguing over the phone and neither has hung .

Alternatively , the other farmers , the mayor, the sheriff and to the very minister discussed in the capital , so crazy and screaming like so many previous occasions , the measures to be taken . They run in all directions, like a anthill in a state of emergency . Bringing water from the town center to outlying farms is not viable , since the mayor refuses point blank to spend their water resources off the miseries of the periphery. The alleged to have amassed so negligent , careless and reckless in their dried droppings playpens are a tinderbox today . And not without reason . But the fire is still burning and flames and quite visible from the capital .

The fire is unforgiving , and the laws of physics , such as the market , are relentless . Some farmers blame the damn fire the damn drought, damn damn mayor or minister, ignoring their negligence and that the weather conditions are the same for everyone in the city and the outskirts . Maybe that's the problem. The city dwellers enjoy a dry, warm and sunny in their pools , because its flammable products are well distributed , stored, controlled and provided with a fire extinguisher handy. But in the suburbs, with their bad habits and lax , need another wetter climate . A climate that does not threaten their miseries heaped in their playpens and allow them to survive long term , despite their bad habits.

When farmers moved to settle in the periphery of the city, believed that everyone would benefit from this proximity . They believed that everything would be advantages , like going to the cinema in town on Sundays , shopping , and some did business with the city sightseeing visiting their farms from time to time . But did not consider the disadvantages : The hot and dry climate of the city perjudicba its agriculture , and fewer farmers could afford to go to the movies or shopping in the city.

What advantages does so for those families have moved to the dry climate of the periphery of the big city ? And what advantages available to citizens outside to have some farmers that require them extremely dangerous water to quench your fire ? It is true that farmers bought in enterprises of the city their agricultural tools , but increasingly have less money to spend in the city . And it is also true that for a few years, residents of the capital to the periphery could go to buy local products. But today the risk of fire spread throughout the periphery , which could also reach some areas of the city , and generates too many tensions between them . Perhaps , in a fit of unprecedented determination , the Cypriot authorities the farmer banished once the fire has consumed his house , but that does not prevent other neighboring pens catch fire soon. It is only a matter of time.

Today no one knows how it is to fight fire Cypriot farm or may take much longer to get the water to control it (and no one wants to turn it off) , and it is not known if it will be time to prevent its spread to a neighboring farm . What is certain is that it will not rain and the weather will torrid . By the time the yard on fire doors remain closed for the past 5 days to contain a blaze unnecessarily higher each passing minute . Because they know when a yard is closed , but you never know when it will open . All have in mind an old Argentine farmer that something similar happened , but nobody wants to talk about it now . At the end of the day , despite the fire and destruction , the aesthetics of Mad -Max still remains something away from this metropolis and its periphery .

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