alfathoughts: Did you just hire ADSL ? Put an alarm within 1 year if you happen to pay double

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Did you just hire ADSL ? Put an alarm within 1 year if you happen to pay double

ADSL ads are not transparent in their pricing, and easy to understand. Besides, the most attractive offers apply only for a few months , usually twelve so that after this first year the bill may increase by 80 % . What to do to not overpay ? Be informed to take control of the situation.
1st maneuver

When an operator informs us their charges for ADSL, usually through a large number of very visible in their propaganda . For example , ADSL + Mobile = 19.90 euros . But this figure is not the total of what you pay but only DOWNPAYMENT ( 1).

To find out what we will pay in total will still have to add :

    (2) REGISTRATION FEE , between 0 and 30 €
    (3) ROUTER PRICE generally 0 €
    (4 ) FEE ONLINE , between 13 and 15 €
    ( 5 ) VAT , currently 21 %

For example , this month the offer Jazztel Savings Pack 100 offers :

Make this calculation for each offer that interests us before hiring is essential to choose well.
2nd maneuver

But we still will be another maneuver to do to avoid losing money : not to stay longer than the duration of the initial promotion , ie go before the quota runs low. As Olivia explains Feldman , co -founder of HelpMyCash :

    " The operators exploit the passivity of many customers to increase fees up to twice , once past the initial promotion . In addition , the user must remember that companies with lower initial offers are the more their prices rise after "

Thus, it is a matter of being attentive to the end of the first term ( using electronic alerts , for example) and use a comparator ADSL to know what our next operator before they change rates.

Otherwise, very cheap deals first as Jazztel can go from an average price of € 30.17 per month the first year to € 54.33 after . In the case of Vodafone , after the first year is spent € 14.9 to € 24.9 . With Orange , you go from € 11.95 to € 25.95 . In the case of Ono , the shift is from € 19.9 to € 31.9 . And Movistar , which would generally be the most expensive , would have the least difference : € 29.9 € 34.9 once after the first year . *

This means that after the first year , Jazztel increases its share to 80 % , Orange 52% , 43% Ono , Vodafone Movistar 33% and 11%. It then checks that it is a practice carried out by the five major carriers in the country and that companies with more attractive offers are those who suffer the greatest price increase after the first year of contract.

* Offers are Jazztel ADSL compared to 30 MB, 20 Mb ADSL Vodafone , Orange ADSL 20 Mb, 30 Mb and Ono Movistar Internet VDSL 30 Mb

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