alfathoughts: Afins 5% return on investment for the 190,000 affected seven years later

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Afins 5% return on investment for the 190,000 affected seven years later

Afins The receivers of the 190,000 affected offer the option of recovering the 5% investment and continue with the process seven years later, it was announced in a statement Adicae .

As explained , the administration is finalizing the mass mailing of 190,000 letters to all concerned to offer this option, " you back a philately of dubious value and exit the process , an absurdity, since it has been demonstrated the financial nature of the entity and that those affected were not intended to buy stamps " .

Once ordered, payments are expected to begin in the months of November and December this year. Specifically , of the 2,207 million euros Afins has retained only return 110 million.

Adicae has reported that it is preparing an information campaign in Spain in order to reach the greatest number of people affected with the aim of increasing the mobilization and organization of those affected, " will continue to increase until politicians get a way out of this embarrassing situation " .

For the association , the return " of a paltry 5% after seven years of fraud outbreak shows the delay and futility of the judicial process ." " The ineffectiveness of these processes shows insolvency is covered in a system that is not designed for that amount of creditors ," he asserted .

Therefore, the organization has called " a real solution against the manifest failure of the rule of law which gives an account of 470,000 victims , 10 judged sterile , zero charge and zero solutions." Adicae has proposed to the Government and the parliamentary groups a solution for the State to acquire the rights to those affected in the bankruptcy process through its purchase by the Official Credit Institute (ICO ) .
Comment Gurus

For in the end if they prove that the Forum and Afins business was not so different from the bench. Capturing short-term savings of investors to invest in long-term assets unrealizable . Some bought stamps and other bricks . While managers are paid and distributed succulent salaries and bonuses.

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