alfathoughts: 87% of Spanish savers prefer advice in bank branches

Saturday, September 21, 2013

87% of Spanish savers prefer advice in bank branches

The 87% of savers resorted mainly Spanish bank office last year for advice for their investments, compared with 54% who did so in 2011, according to an opinion poll by the Institute for Market Studies (IEB) and Inversis .

The study, which is included in the annual financial advice, shows that 97% plus of the Spanish resorts to some advice when making decisions about their money, and in most cases, that is, the two-thirds going to do more than one type of advisor.

According to data obtained by the IEB, 36% of respondents with more than 20,000 euros available for investment uses a unique method of counseling, 25% used two methods before making an investment decision, another 25% use three views and only 10% using the four methods discussed.

The Basques are those who maintain strong relationships of trust with their financial advisors, as the study points out that 23.8% confident "long, fully", while 42.9% expect "pretty heavily". On the opposite side is Valladolid, where 42.9% of savers say they do not trust "nothing at all".
Comment Gurus:

'After the preference shares, subordinated and other crap, 87% still in his office advise among bank? Sometimes I think that we deserve what happens to us.

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