alfathoughts: How to achieve your goals

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to achieve your goals

Opting for simplicity
Think Big: keep a balance between the final objective to pursue and meeting basic daily needs of your work.

Act Small: Promotes the flow of information so that your classmates know both the good and the bad news. So you can fix problems before.

Promotes participation
Think Big: The ultimate success of the company depends on everyone knows how each department within it.

Act Small: It promotes the idea that the contribution of each person has a weight in the overall success of the company.
Near and far horizons Goals
Think Big: Believe that medium-term plans (a couple of years, for example) will not be met if not carried out robust strategies daily.

Act Small: Think that the strategy is not a destination, but a "journey" and that this may vary at any given time. Is, therefore, to constantly adjust your strategy according to circumstances.

Abandon what does not
Think Big: Be prepared for long-term changes at the market that perhaps make you change your approach.

Act Small: Continually review your approach to business or business to make sure they are still valid.

You are also the owner
Think Big: Believe that if each worker performance improvement will also overall progress of the company. It performs occasionally self-assessment exercises.

Act Small: Propose incentives for people who add value to the organization. Promotes a philosophy of mutual aid and peer acceptance of failure as a way to improve.

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