alfathoughts: Avoid the most common faults in a job interview

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Avoid the most common faults in a job interview

Getting a job interview can be time consuming, but ruin a career opportunity just minutes, avoid following these tips:

     Tardiness: If you are late for any reason, contact your interviewees and adviérteselo.
     Distracting: do not let the decor, some noise or clothing or interviewer gestures make you lose concentration.
     Interrupting the interviewer. If you have something to say, wait until you pause or finish speaking.
     Draw conclusions as you listen to the interviewer. Focus on your message and it would draw conclusions later.
     Trying to be liked to be forced interviewer. Try to be natural.
     Negative attitudes. Remember to always smile and show interest in the position.
     Charles No trivia with anyone in the waiting room. Take advantage of this time to concentrate.
     You nervous. If you are called you may have seen something that interests them.
     Lying, because if it is an experienced interviewer, immediately will notice.
     Leave the interview without asking all the questions you have raised.

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